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Thread: PHEASANT TAIL MAYFLY CRIPPLE - Fly of the week - Jan 02, 2012

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    Default PHEASANT TAIL MAYFLY CRIPPLE - Fly of the week - Jan 02, 2012


    Around Livingston, three Paradise Valley spring creeks, technical waters of Yellowstone Park, and Yellowstone River, all host various kinds of mayflies. Everyone has his/her own favorite time and species (my favorite is baetis hatches in spring and fall). For those favorite mayflies of ours (and of trout), there are tons of patterns ever invented and tested. Some make to the bins of local fly-shops and others remain in personal boxes, if not in the garbage bag.

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    Another great fly pattern, this time you wrote about a emerger fly pattern, and nice one too!

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    I like the pattern. Will have to get some tied up.


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    Default Hmmmmmm ......

    ... something about this comment, quoting from the article:

    "With this fly, one can experiment his/her own presentation and the way to approach trout rather than tying on every fly you have in your vest onto your tippet all day long."

    It does look like an interesting fly that will probably catch some trouts, but to claim it is better than every other fly that everyone else has in their collective flyboxes ??

    The fish are always right.

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    I really like the construction of this fly alot. I fish a large amount of emergers and cripples, if I'm not throwing out the trusty Renegade, but I would use something differant besides Pheasant Tail for the body of my fly. I tie most of my flies using Turkey Biots for larger flies and Goose Biots for smaller ones. When tied correctly they are extremely durable and have an amazing realistic and natural rib like look to them. I will be tying some of these up using some biots, and look forward to using them.


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