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Thread: THE PERFECT GIFT - Ladyfisher - Jan 02, 2012

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    Default THE PERFECT GIFT - Ladyfisher - Jan 02, 2012


    If you are a Christian then you know that the birth of Jesus is the perfect gift, the reason of course for Christmas. We can't top that, but there is one nearly perfect gift which does not cost any money at all. That gift is time.

    As a country we seem to grasp at whatever 'socially' correct teaching methods are being touted this year. Some schools systems go through total make-overs to gain a perceived advantage only to find the old basics really were better.

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    I love and hate this article. I love the things that are said. I hate the fact that these ideas have to be repeated. There is nothing here that wasn't being said 30 years ago when my kids started school. In fact my mother and father, on hearing this 60 years ago when I was starting school, would have said,"So what is new?"

    Though I was a product of the philosophy, I did not realize what was involved until I became the parent in the equation. BC took on a new meaning. It was our carefree time Before Children when we could travel, ski, fish, and otherwise play. And we had the resources to do it. AC, After Children, required a lot of belt tightening and close management of resources. It was worth it.

    Now I have this nagging suspicion that Ladyfisher is preaching to the choir. After all fly fishermen and fishermen in general are disciplined. They get up early and work hard to catch fish in a challenging way. Others choose video games for a hobby. I hope some of the angler's discipline rubs off on the children.

    "So what's new?"

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    Hard Times across the United States... 1/3 of this Nations Population in near or below the National Poverty Line... (2010 U.S. Census Report)

    Many State Legislatures are cutting funding for Public School,...then the School Districts have to layoff (polite word for "FIRED!", more students less teachers. No updating school books.... My Junior year in High School (1966) I remember a World History Class, where the book that we used, only went up to 1932!

    The future of our country is in danger as our student are not taught with up-to-date books on all subjects, smaller classroom student size, so the teacher can better help the students learn what they will need to know the rest of their life....

    There is always money for the schools sports teams, but never enough is spent on the education of our nation's future...
    If this is not remedied soon, then the United States of America, is on the slippery slope that other great nations throughout history have slid down....


    "If the student has not learned, then the teacher has not taught! If the government refuses distribute the needed funding to the school systems to stay current in their teaching, then it is not the teachers fault or the school system, it is the fault of our elected government officials!"
    "Everyone you meet in life, give you happiness! Some by their arrival, others by their departure!" ~Parnelli

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    Well said Ladyfisher. I applaud you for pulling your kids from school and homeschooling, (I think that's what you meant). If I had children at home today they would not be in public school. That isn't because of the teachers, their hands are tied. I know many teachers, one of whom is my sister, and they often chafe at what they're required to do. Good teachers can't do what a poor administration, (read "government"), won't allow them to do

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