Back in April, I spent some time in SW Montana helping out with a National Wildlife Federation study on Sage Grouse habitat and breeding activity. The director of the program, Ben Deeble, in addition to being an outstanding birder, bird dog trainer and all-around nice guy, is a pretty accomplished bird hunter. A few weeks ago he sent me some partridge that he had harvested this fall; I'm tying some soft hackles up to send back to Ben, hopefully he'll be able to take a break from his busy schedule and spend some time fishing around Missoula in 2012. Nothing fancy here, and a few of the hackles are a bit oversized, it's been over a month since I've tied anything and it takes a while to get everything (including sense of proportion) in synch:

pheasant tail

partridge & peacock

b/h pheasant tail

biot & peacock

wire body