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Thread: January 1012 Swap Of The Month

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    Default January 1012 Swap Of The Month

    I'll start the ball rolling for the New Year with Crappie Flies. Anything that you think will catch crappie qualifies, as long as it is a fly (I am not even going to start another 'discussion' on what constitutes a fly. I'm still licking my wounds from the last one. As far as this swap is concerned, if you can cast it with a fly's a fly.....).

    Standard rules apply....toe tags, try to have them in by the 31st, return shipping, yaadah, yaddah, yaadah....we all know the routine.

    Welcome to 2012. I plan on making this my best fly-fishing year ever. I am going to fish every chance I can, every place I can. There is going to be a fly rod, and a box of flies in my car, and on my bicycles at all times. I just moved back into the mountains, and I ain't never leavin again. I'm gonna be nice, and not tie a Crappie Clouser for this swap. Too easy. I'll let someone else have that one. This pattern is one I picked up from a fisherman down in Florida, Tom Lentz, while I was down there visiting the grandchildren earlier this year. It worked like magic in Lake Okeechobee. I caught crappie on almost every 3rd cast.

    1. Gigmaster-Marabou Miss (sort of...) (Done)
    2. Billhouk-Sarge's Crappie Fly (received)
    3. Rick Z-Yellow Boa Yarn Leech (received)
    4. Icemanxxxv-Mini-Clouser (received)
    5. bdesavage-Misfit (received)
    6. gmac-Gmac's Crappie Fly (recieved)
    7. sjo-Crappie Charlie

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