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    This last rod is a Winston 9 ' 5wt. The reel seat is spalted maple. The colors from my pictures are not accurate to the actual thread color. Spalted maple reel seat
    Attachment 9506 Attachment 9507
    Fly rod building is an event for me. I will make multiple seats for each rod I build. This way I can choose look which grain and color I want. At any time I will have a minimum of 60-80 flour grade cork rings to go through. Then I have over a 100 thread colors to play with. Component choice and guide placement needs to be decided. Static guide testing of the guide placement. So, I am attached to each rod. Overall I try to make rod building a self sustaining fun activity. Sometimes keeping me too occupied. It is an event, ritual maybe even an addiction. And it seems that this is the way it is for many others also. What a great activity and a way to share.
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