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Thread: THE WHIMS OF AUTUMN - Whip finish - Dec 19,2011

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    Default THE WHIMS OF AUTUMN - Whip finish - Dec 19,2011


    Wading out to where the water pressure found my hip, I stopped with rod held under my arm and surveyed the pool. I was in no hurry on this autumn morning having lost the feeling to my fingertips in the chore of rigging due to the frosted air. A few moments to regain my fingers would be time well spent for sure. As I had begun to wade into the pool I disrupted the lives of a flight of Blue-winged teal, which now chortled quietly in the eddy formed on the far side of the pool along the high bank.

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    Ralph, I finally had a chance to read your Whims of Autumn article. Very nice indeed. You took me back to my younger days by conjuring up some of my own whims of Autumn. I remembered listening to the car doors close and thinking "you don't get that sound from any other car." I actually remembered the smell of cottonwood leaves as they floated past me in the river. You gave me the opportunity to revisit some of my own very fond memories.
    Thank you.
    Where you go is less important than how you take the steps.
    Fish with a Friend,
    Lotech Joe

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