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    I had that model in a 7' for 3 wt. Really liked it. A medium action rod that had a very smooth action and lots of backbone. Well appointed rod that was near the top of the Powell graphite fly rod line when it came out, probably in the mid '90s.

    I did learn a very valuable lesson with that rod - wax the ferrules. The butt and mid sections on my rod stuck together, and even the people at Powell couldn't get them apart ( assuming they even tried ). Ended up with Powell's "nearest thing" at the time, which was nowhere near as nice a rod.

    Powell has pretty much gone out of the fly rod business. So if you have a need to repair your rod, don't expect them to help out. However, Raptor Rod Works in Chico CA has a lot of Powell rod pieces and might be able to "rebuild" your rod if you have a problem with it.


    P.S. My recollection is that the LTT designated "Light Touch Traditional."
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