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    We just got back from Key West. It was my first trip there, and I did find fish....everywhere! We found tarpon at all the docks. They're attracted to scraps that fall from the fishing charter boats. It's interesting to note that most tourists miss out on a 8 ft tarpon swimming directly underneath their nose because (1) they are looking outwards towards the beautiful horizon, and (2) they don't fish...Lol.

    I snorkeled the beaches too, and whereever there is a coral/reef there are fish. Cudas also lay in wait within a stone throw of the roads, but they blend in so well and lay so still that it takes a few minutes to spot them...again you have to be patient, and very observent. I also found bonefish cruising about the manitee area (Double Tree Hotel side of the Key), spotted them directly from the roadside park.

    It's illegal to fish from the Docks, and I'm not sure about the beaches. I was not allowed to bring fishing gear on this family vacation

    Someone elses video below;
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