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Thread: FLOATERS - Bob Boese - Dec 05, 2011

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    Default FLOATERS - Bob Boese - Dec 05, 2011


    No one quite knows for sure when the first popping bug was created. Perhaps it began with Mediterranean fisherman and the Quercus Suber (the cork oak tree). The tree grows almost exclusively in a specific part of Southwestern Europe (Portugal, Spain, Italy, Corsica, Sardinia) and Northwestern Africa (Algeria and Morocco).

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    I am writing this to confirm that Bob Boese's latest "Floater" article, is very important for all FAOL Members to read it. Many of us have been around awhile, and up in age a wee bit more than we would like to admit to.

    I have had floaters in my eyes for many years now (I am approaching my 63rd Birthday in 2012). Back in July of 2011, started experiencing flashes in my left eye, most noticed when I was outdoors in the back yard at night having a smoke.

    At the request of "She Who Must Be Obeyed", I headed out to the hospitals "Emergency Room" to have my eyes checked.... The doctor, said the flashes I was experiencing could be just the gelatin mass inside my left eye, coming loose....or it could be first signs of a torn retina.

    They did not have the machine that could confirm this, so they had me go to the University of Minnesota Hospital (which had this machine), for the doctor there to look into my eyes.... How important is it?

    That doctor came in on a weekend, just to gaze into my eyes using this machine..... lucky for me it was only gelatin mass, and not the retina...

    So if you start seeing flashes of light in either of your eyes...don't delay...seek medical help at the nearest hospital immediately without delay....

    Steven H. McGarthwaite
    "Everyone you meet in life, give you happiness! Some by their arrival, others by their departure!" ~Parnelli

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