I am curious about furled leaders but don't know much about them. I know folks that use a lot of dry flies like them. 99.5% of my fly fishing is nymphing with strike indicators. I normally use a 9-10 ft mono leader with flouro tippet. I use a couple different types of strike indicators as I can't decide which I like best. I set the depth anywhere from 1 ft to 7-8 ft for my indicator depending water speed/depth etc, where I fish. Most of my flies are size 16-20 and usually use 6X tippet and I use 4-5 wt rods. This is trout fishing of course . . . Not talking about bass fishing yet. . . . maybe bring that up later as that's a whole 'nother topic maybe.

Do you any of you use furled leaders for this type fishing? Any types of strike indicators work better that others on furled leaders? What type of material would be best?