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Thread: RESPITE - Native waters - Nov 21, 2011

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    Default RESPITE - Native waters - Nov 21, 2011


    The water that captivated me this weekend was not raging and engorging the landscape around it. It was low and thin, shadowy, emasculated from drought but still alive with motion.

    It is partially spring-fed; it was cold, as was the air when we arrived, 53 degrees. It would not get above 65 all day, and a brisk north wind sent shivers up my spine from time to time.

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    Hey Cuz,

    Glad to see something new from you. I've missed your writing.

    Happiness is wading boots that never have a chance to dry out.

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    Default Native Waters

    It is good to see a new "Native Waters" article on FAOL. I have always enjoyed reading whatever Roger Stouff would write in his weekly "Features Section -Native Waters"!

    Roger Stouff wrote 95 "Native Waters" articles for FAOL, from January 2004 through June 2006, when there was a misunderstanding that cause Roger Stouff to leave FAOL. Capt. Gary (Flat Dude) Henderson also left FAOL and continued to write at Roger Stouff new website http://www.farandawayonline.com/

    Roger continued writing, and started his own website http://www.farandawayonline.com/

    I have been a reader of this new website.... and recommend it to all members of FAOL as another great place to visit and read some excellent articles.....

    I also stepped down from my "FAOL Tying Tips" because of misunderstandings, but I too have returned to FAOL.

    There are many "FAOL" columns that have become inactive over the years....which is really a shame. But I continue to saving all of them onto my computer....

    Hopefully we can put bygones aside, and start anew.... with new readers and writers. ~Parnelli
    Last edited by Steven McGarthwaite; 11-21-2011 at 03:56 AM.
    "Everyone you meet in life, give you happiness! Some by their arrival, others by their departure!" ~Parnelli

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    What a joy! Much appreciated Roger *S* Steven has said very well some of my thoughts as well. Glad to know you are alive and well - and obviously still fishing and writing about it. It isn't always about the fishing, is it?

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    Thank you all for the kind words about my words! Steven, also for the big props!
    Far & Away will be "going away" end of this month, unfortunately. We decided we couldn't carry it on, because submissions dried up. My work on a regular basis can be found at www.native-waters.com.
    Dee, you're so right, it isn't always about the fishing at all. Most times it's not, really. Catching is always nice, but not prerequisite.
    Again, thanks for the warm welcome! Though it's pretty much over until the spring around here, I hope to have more to share then.
    "And look at Elias Wonder. Yeah, take a gander at that buzzard. Forty years ago he was happy, generous, charitable, tall, dark and handsome. Then he took up the fly rod. Now consider him. Uglier than fresh road kill. Evil-eyed, cantankerous, sullen, mean. An anti-social misfit that causes a groundswell of spleen wherever he goes."
    -- Harry Middleton

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    It's good to read your writing again Roger. Nice to have you back.
    Where you go is less important than how you take the steps.
    Fish with a Friend,
    Lotech Joe

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