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John, whose travel case are you using?

It's the black one at the top of the page here: http://clearcreek.net/Fly-Fishing-Ro...-and-Tubes.php

I almost never take less than two rods and two reels on any given trip, owing to an experience I had in my earliest days fly fishing. On the first trip I'd taken to a quality fishery, a long drive from home, the nearly new reel that I brought with me locked up tight when I was stripping line out on one of my first casts. No amount of spool removal/reinstallation or drag loosening and tightening made any difference and the guy at the local fly shop was stumped too. Since I'd only brought one rod and this one reel, I'd have been in a world of hurt if it were not for the charity of a local guide who let me borrow an extra outfit of his. Ever since then, I make a point of having a spare rod and reel for even a day trip, just in case something happens to the rod or reel I'm planning on using. If it's a multi-day trip or one where I could run into a variety of conditions calling for different weight rods, I may take as many as three or four outfits, and this case allows me to take them all without hassling with a bunch of different tubes and reel cases. The four pockets on the sides can each hold two reels and/or spools and I like the fact that it's relatively small and unassuming in just a plain black color.