No rain at all Micropteris and yes, my hooks are always sharp. I actually like the 25# Tarpon the best...the big ones wear me out. I use the same rods for bluewater dorado and they run about the same weight. They are really a rip on a fly rod. By the way, I was talking with Cam Sigler yesterday and he has his bluewater 9 & 10 weight rods on sale for $80.00. As of this post, you cannt buy them for that price on their Cam directly. I own several of his rods and like all of them and so, you guessed it, I bought another one. I also use the Rio WF10F Tropical Outbound Short line on my 10wt Cam Sigler rods and they cast long and hard. They haul in 40 to 50# Dorado on a regular basis. Not bad for a 10wt. Hasta pronto, Tom