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Thread: SURVIVAL IN THE SONORAN DESERT - Ladyfisher - Nov 6, 2011

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    Default SURVIVAL IN THE SONORAN DESERT - Ladyfisher - Nov 6, 2011


    Actually I thought that was the title of a book on the stack here and I could steal it for a nice tie-in to our day-to-day life here. Well I was wrong, the title is "A Natural History of the Sonoran Desert" and the reason I mention it is the wonderful color photo on the cover. One of the most beautiful scenes in nature (so I am told not having yet seen it) is the desert in bloom. That is what the cover photo shows, and since it is fairly rare I thought it funny to use it to spark interest in the book. And probably not too honest either.

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    " One of the most beautiful scenes in nature (so I am told not having yet seen it) is the desert in bloom. "...."And probably not too honest either."

    I migrated to Phoenix in 1991 and for years decided the natives here must be deeply deprived or totally nuts thinking the desert in bloom being a beautiful site.

    Normally the quote "Desert in Bloom" consists of a few flowers here and there, but if you hit it right the flowers carpet the desert floor in a magnificent scene of magical colors with Saguaro and Ocotillo in the mix. It took close to 15 years before I actually witnessed it one year on the road up to Canyon Lake. I'll never forget the special gift I received being able to view such a spectacular scene.

    It is a magnificent sight, but I find it extremely rare, I suspect it lasts only a day or two at best out of the year. And then only in specific locations. It is a special treat to run into the real thing. My main regret is I did not have my camera with me at the time I did actually see it.
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    I spent 3 months in the Sonoran Dessert and can vouch for it's beauty. Truly amazing to see a place so empty of life bloom into a rich ecosystem all to it's self

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    You are hammering on the xylephone of my heart, and undoubtedly many others with all of the changes in your life.......BUT, dread not fair lady, there are fish, even WILD fish in certain spots within this SoooooNoooRan Desert; teeny tiny bits of aquatic heaven, often short and narrow-but only GLORIOUS in their presentation of their treasures trutta.

    So bid thee MOST welcome, forsake not your 2 or 3 wt., waders, brim, and polaroids........come fish the fair, fine, and FANTASTIC drainages that harbour the exquisite and rarest of trouts in the most exquisite settings imaginable...........(Lord, let there be a spell check here).

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