But see....that's where I have the problem. I hunt, and realize that at times there is wounded game. It's a blood spot. And on the same hand, nothing in nature goes to waste. The old addage, "the yotes have to eat too" has a lot of truth in it. You will never get accused of failure to recover a deer....by an oppossum, who is grateful for the bounty.

But I don't get the moral high-ground of saying, it's acceptable for a fish to die if the intent was not to kill it, but unethical for a fish to die if it is intentionally kept for the pan. Either way, the fisherman killed it. In one hand, the fisherman consumes it, and in the other nature consumes it. Flyfisherman....especially trout fisherman fishing moving waters will seldom ever accept that they kill fish even during C&R, mostly because all the fish that die are never seen. They are swept downstream to their demise, as the tablefare of the raccoons.