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Thread: 22nd Annual North toledo Bend Rendezvous- a gathering of fly tyers - Nov. 4-6th

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    Rendezvous is this coming Friday/weekend. Did you ever wonder about the tyers who show up at the North Toledo Bend Rendezvous?

    As of now, a few of the tyers whom I believe will be attending include (including a number who regularly post on this forum):

    Bill Heugal (2010 GCC Tyer of the Year) - Rat ... Hookup.pdf , and ;

    Bruce Sublet ( - ;

    Diane and Richard Blaire (2009 GCC Co-Tyers of the Year/Whiting Proteam) ;

    Marc Pinsel – (Fly Dressers Guild UK, Whiting Proteam & Co-Founder Classic Atlantic Bream Fly Society) ;

    Ron "Stippled Popper" Braud - ... ction.637/ or ;

    Dirk “Tussel Bug” Burton - ;

    Ray Emerson - or ;

    John “ Popper” Maddox - Tying Event photos/?action=view&current=IMG_0479.jpg&sort=ascending ;

    "Uncle" Larry Offner – aka Mr Warm Fly -

    Kelly L (kelkay) - ... y59/flies/ and ;

    Fred "Realistic" Hannie ( and ... ed-hannie/ ;

    Brooks Bouldin (Founder/Past President of the Texas Fly Fishers, Angler’s Edge Fly Shop proprietor, San Gabriel Fly Fishers Founder/Past Pres.) - ... 56470.html ... 56470.html ;

    Walter McClendon - - Heck, it wouldn't be Rendezvous without Walter and Linda!

    Fred DuPre (Whiting Proteam/Past-President Dallas fly Fishers) ;
    Peter Allen – Our official “Brit” - ... tyers.html

    Bob and Sue Spanger - and ;

    Jim “Roatan” Simpson - Co-founder North Louisiana Fly Fishers - ;

    Rex White - Will be here representing the NLFF (I hope others from the club that Jim and I helped to found will also come down);

    Jay Rankin - from Piney Woods fly Fishers

    Jamie Franklin – frequent poster on Texas Fly fishing forums;


    Kyle Moppert (President GCC/Co-Founder Classic Atlantic Bream Fly Society) -

    There is a reason that these folks have been getting together for 20+ years! If you've never attended, make plans now... "cuz you ARE invited to this gathering of tyers!

    I understand that this event is too far from many of you, but if you do live in our general area, please join us at North Toledo Bend State Park this weekend.

    If you have any questions, email me.
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