All Flies Are In!!

It's been some time since I hosted a swap on FAOL, seems like I should. I'd like to hold it to 12 tiers of any experience level, first come first served.

Everyone will need to tie two patterns of wet flies, 12 flies of each pattern (as an example I will tie 12 Baillie's Black Spiders and 12 Iron Blue Wingless). Attach a toe tag to each fly with your screen name and the name of the fly as a minimum (some folks include the recipe and sometimes a pic of the fly). Box them up in a suitable container (Altiods tin, small Plano box, etc). Ship them to me, along with a self addressed, stamped envelope for the return trip (make sure the envelope will hold your container and there is ample postage attached).

I will gather the flies, have them sit in my fly portrait studio, publish the pics on FAOL, sort the flies and return a complete set of flies to you in a timely manner.

Let's have sign up stay open til October 31st, and have the flies due by December 1st. That way we all get a bit of a holiday cheer early.

Please note that the fies are due to me on December 1st, not in the mail on December 1st.

Any takers? Sign up below.

1. REE - Baillie's Black Spider and Iron Blue Wingless - Done - X
2. CharlaineC - Greenwell's Glory and Maple Syrup - Hospitalized - Dropping out. - Flies on Hold
3. GMAC209 - Feather Body Soft Hackle also a Partidge and ? - Arrived
4. Rick Z - Pass Lake and Orange Bead Head - Mailed -Arrived - X
5. bdesavage - Tandy's Spider and BH Pass Lake Variant - Arrived - X
6. Donald Nicolson - Steelhead Blue and Silver and a Wired Spider - Dropping out due to eye problems.
7. Allan - Hare's Ear and Light Cahill - Mailed - Arrived - X
8. Hap - Ptarmigan and Pink also a Kodiak Sea Louse - Arrived - X
9. billhouk - Tequila Sunrise and a Ibis and White - Arrived - X
10. Forthebirds12 - Wet Mouse and a Wet Hen - Mailed - Arrived - X
11. Quevera Kid - Chartreuse Professer and a Black, Purple, and Starling - Arrived - X