Your problem is probably because I make my shorb loops small and I am the one who made your furled leaders. Sorry....

I always make the smallest shorb loop possible because just because. It is just something I do. Here is a suggestion for you to try and I have never tried it, yet, but I may just to see how it works out. You might take a short length of fluorocarbon in 4 pound test and have a perfection/surgeon loop made in each end of it. Much like the mono section most use on the end of their fly line only much shorter like maybe 2 inches. I do not feel this will affect the turn-over of the furled leader and may make removing the tippet easier for you. A lot of people put a round metal ring on the tippet end of their furled leaders and this works great, but, I just do not like the round metal rings.

Give the short fluorocarbon link a try and let me/us know how it worked.