I just got a new rod so having a nicer reel to go with it would be cool. I really want a Galvan Torque T-8. Ive heard they have the best drag out there. My main requirement is that reel looks good and has a sealed, waterproof drag that will NOT freeze in winter when dunked. The Galvan fits all that. The the Rush R-8 is also a possibility since it has the same good drag but not as good of looks. I will be using this for winter steelhead.

Im looking for a gently used one, little or no scuffs. Would have to be a decent price too. I also wanted a Ross Vexsis but heard bad things....

Let me know if anyone has something.

(FYI, for the people that offered a rod in the past my current rod broke and I had to buy a new one ASAP on stream to finish a trip)