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Thread: MAD WATERS - Whip finish - October 10, 2011

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    Default MAD WATERS - Whip finish - October 10, 2011

    This weekend was a tad different than most late summer weekends for me, in-as-much as it was barren of any water aside from that which fell from the sky. Here in the Northeast we have undergone a generational storm system that not only hit our area heavier than hurricane Agnes of the 70's, but followed up only days after with another tropical storm that caused many of the area waters to reach their breaking points. Currently area waters are slowly subsiding, and a sense of slight recovery is in the wind.

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    One thing to remember... in the mountain west we experience flows every spring that change our rivers. My first time to a particular spot of a freestone river, I found this deep pool with a sandstone ledge. It was deep enough people would periodically swim in it that summer. The following year, the pool was filled with boulders and turned into pocket water. Who knows what this year will bring me, as I have not visited that stretch yet.
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    I was really startled by the force of the water in NH. It tore up roads, washed away bridges and uprooted trees everywhere. The rivers have changed dramatically. Mother nature has scoured the banks clean of brush and debris. It reminds me of a clean face. The stones are buffed, downed trees stripped of leaves and bark. I thought the fishing would be a disappointment in September but was delighted to have found the fishing the most exciting ever. The fish were big and hungry when the water started to recede. I was finding big fish in unlikely places and taking unusual flies. It has been real fun exploring the rivers and streams after the floods. I am sad to see the season ending after being kept from the waters for weeks when they were were raging. I can't wait until spring!

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