Winter's coming, so get ready for your projects. For your consideration, 10 different colors of classic Belding Corticelli thread, Size A. All thread is unused and full on wooden 100 yd wooden spools. These are shades that can?t be found in modern thread like YLI, Tire, and Kinkame, providing a unique look to your wraps. Prices are $6 per spool except for the Parakeet which is $10. $2 flat rate shipping regardless of how many spools you order. Check, MO, or PayPal. Let me know if you're looking for other colors -- I probably have a spool or two. If PM doesn't work, email me at:

First set: from left to right:

Parakeet (#9375) - this is the color recommended by Mike Sinclair as the match for Granger Green, when used with clear lacquer. Compared side-by-side with the original Rice's silk used by Granger, it is very, very close, but just a degree darker. (Much closer than the recommended YLI color.) Used on the Granger Special and Phillipson Pacemaker.
Limerick Green (#9125)
- this shade has more olive in it than the Parakeet, which is more goldish. Some folks like this for a match on Specials.
Lime (#9124)
- this is, well, lime. B/C nailed the name on this one!
Mustard (#3113)
- a great golden brown color, I like it fully color preserved. SOLD OUT
Sea Foam (#9630)
- a nice subtle green.

Second set:
Frosted Melon (#2660) - similar to Pearsall?s Royal Hunt, but lighter and not as red in shade. An orangey-tannish pink, turns rose/orange with varnish.
Ginger Orange (#5475) - light tannish orange.
Pecanut (#5120) - a medium brown, close to the Java Beige #5115 used by Payne, but more brown (darker).
Cognac (#545 - a light copper/orange shade of brown. I like this color preserved with Al?s Color Preserver. With CP, it is an almost 100% for the tipping on the Granger Aristocrat.
Dark Tangerine (#4425) - a light brownish-orange hue, it turns a great color of bronze with blond shellac.