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    Default 2012 Beginner's Only Fly Swaps

    UPDATE: December 27th 2011:


    The 2012 "Beginner's Only" Fly Swaps have been moved back to January 1st 2012. Time is running out...

    There are now eight members who have joined, Peter Alandt from Webster TX has jus joined....

    with only two seats remaining to be filled....

    If any member of FAOL wishes to partake in these 4 swap, you must contact me by email so I can prepare and mail out the envelopes, Toe Tags, and FAOL "Fly Pattern CD to arrive before January 1st. ~Swapmeister Parnelli

    Member #1: Michael Elkavitch
    Member #2: James Keepes
    Member #3: Scott Hemingway
    Member #4: Josh Caroon
    Member #5: Tom Snyder
    Member #6: Travis Dolence
    Member #7: Cory Ellis
    Member #8: Peter Alandt

    There are still 2 opening remaining for the start of the 2012 Beginner's Only Swaps, please do not hesitate, as I have to prepare the package for mailing to each member of this swap. The 6 Members of the swap have already received their packages of pre-addressed envelopes, Toe-Tag sheet, cardboard shipment box, FAOL "Fly Pattern CD", and printout copy of soft hackle gauge from Sylvester Nemes book.
    __________________________________________________ ____________________________

    The first swap (Soft Hackle Wet Fly) starts on January 1st, 2012. Followed by the February Swap (Nymph Pattern), March Swap (Dry Fly Pattern), April Swap (Streamers or Salmon/Steelhead Patterns).

    All fly must arrive before the last day of the Monthly Swaps, January Swap must be in my possession no later than January 31st 2012!

    As Swapmeister of these "Beginner's Only Swaps" I have had over 300 members of FAOL, participate in these swaps. Guaranteed that if you are a Beginner to fly tying you will not be a Beginner after you have done these four swaps. These swaps are also open to anyone who has been tying fly patterns but have never participated in any fly swap.

    I supply the box for shipping in the dressed fly patterns, and the "FROM and TO" Mailing Envelopes! I also supply each member with a FAOL Fly Pattern CD as well as printed "Toe Tags" for inserting on the spear of the hook, for identification.

    At the end of each swap I take photos of each members submitted fly pattern and listing of materials. I then send these Fly Pattern Photos and Material Listing to each member of the Fly Swap for their computer Fly Pattern Files.

    Twelve Flies are sent in (two for emergencies if a return mailing disappears in the mail), at the end of the swap all extra fly patterns are radomly sorted out into each members fly boxes along with the April Terristrial Fly Swap.

    As Swapmeister I am the person to contact if you have a question or problem of any sort during these swaps (the sooner the better)!

    10 SEATS IN THIS 2012 BEGINNER'S ONLY FLY SWAPS. First come first seated, there will be no additional seat added after all 10 members are seated. I also will be participating in this swap dressing only 10 dressed fly patterns (as I refill my fly boxes for next fishing season).

    4 SWAPS
    March: DRY FLY SWAP

    I will supply each member of these swaps with the following materials:

    Fly Box, for monthly swap.
    4 pre-addressed envelope for mailing-in, and 4 pre-addressed envelope for the return mailing.

    Once you become a member of these Swaps direct all questions to me at my email address at...
    Subject Line: 2012 Beginner's Only Swaps

    or else you can phone me at (651) 777-4650

    Needed information for joining:

    Full Name (First, MI, Last)
    FAOL Handle:
    Street Address:
    City, State, Zip Code:
    Evening Phone Number:
    Your Email Address:

    Steven H. McGarthwaite
    3505 Bellaire Ave
    White Bear Lake MN 55110
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