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    Default Steelhead Swap

    Let's be clear - No 'design your own' flies! This is for reasonably known STEELHEAD patterns. Oh, no eggs.

    Now that that's out of the way: Looking for a swap with a total of 12 tyers. Sign up from now until October 15th or if we get the 12, whichever comes first. If 12 tyers do not sign up, then those who do may decide to continue or cancel. The submission date will be November 15th or until all participants have submitted their flies. Again, whichever date comes first. Standard rules: 1)toe tags with name of tyer and pattern. Recipe is optional if tyer believes it would be of interest. 2)mail in crush proof container. 3)addressed return envelope with adequate postage. If you sign up and cannot complete the swap, for any reason, please contact me as soon as that is known and we'll be okay. Otherwise, it is anticipated that your flies will be received by the due date.

    Who's in and with what pattern?

    1. Allan, tbd
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