Double Your Fun in 2012
Next year is going to be a fantastic year for fly fishers throughout the Greater Northwest.

The Washington State Council FFF is having the Washington Fly Fishing Fair on May 4 & 5, in Ellensburg, WA. This event will be bigger and better than ever, so save those dates and make plans to head for Ellensburg in 2012.

Then we have an unbelievable opportunity for fly fishers from all over the country and from many foreign countries. The FFF is having the International Fly Fishing Fair in Spokane, WA this year! The classes and workshops will be open from July 10 thru the 14th. The vendors exhibits and silent auctions and raffles will be open on July 12?14. You really owe it to yourself to attend this great event.

Save the dates: May 4 & 5 for Ellensburg.
July 10?14 for Spokane.

See you there.

Larry ---sagefisher---
Auction Coordinator