News from the Atlantic Salmon Federation
Concern over government pushing aquaculture agenda
Is Fisheries and and Oceans Canada right to focus on promoting aquaculture, when the mandate is for wild fish and habitat conservation? New evidence at the Cohen enquiry reveals some disturbing moves. Interesting newspaper report on this:

Canada's Green Party considered this an inappropriate program for a federal government, and made a statement on this.

US Fish and Wildlife copes with hurricane aftermath at hatchery
Atlantic salmon issues related to Hurricane Irene are just coming to light. The US Fish and Wildlife Service raises Atlantic salmon for the Connecticut River restoration program. This week they were retrieving Atlantic salmon lost when water levels overtopped tanks at their White River Hatchery. Check out the photos:

Call for stiff fines for illegal salmon catches in New Brunswick
In New Brunswick, an Atlantic salmon caught illegally on the Kennebecasis River brings a call for stiff fines from a crown prosecutor.

Charges claim endangered Maine salmon taken
A Durham man has been charged with taking a federally protected Atlantic salmon from the Androscoggin River.

The disturbing tale of fish farm waste
Where does the waste from millions of farmed fish go? An opinion piece this week hits that very topic, and makes fascinating reading.