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    Allan: This is a Swap Of The Month (SOTM) and has been ongoing for several years, so long that I can't even remember who started it. We started out with 12 tyers, one for each month. The way it works is that each month, we take turns being the swapmeister, The Swapmeister gets to pick the pattern, materials or theme for that month, and the other participants tie 12 flies of what ever pattern they choose, that meets that criteria. They are sent in with toe tags to the Swapmeister, who sorts them into batches with one pattern each, and sends them out, and each month you get a cool collection of 12 great flies. Next month, the cycle continues with another Swapmeister.

    You are more than welcome to join. We've had lots of drop-outs this year. I just tried to keep it going, because it has sort of become a tradition. I hated to see it go.
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