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I am in need of some information about wicker creels. I have an older, "new" creel and it is very close to being given as a gift. I am not sure whether it should be stained and oiled or varnished. When I did the last one about 30+ years ago I believe I used wood stain and then a linseed oil mixture. If there are other options I would appreciate learning about them. I am not sure of whether this should be posted at this part of the forum. Thanks very much for the help with this request.
The safest bet is just good wax... Bri-Wax or Renaissance Wax are the best.

Bri-Wax is my favorite http://www.briwax-online.com/origina...FQJigwodzSnmPA

But this one is extremely good, too. http://www.theruststore.com/Renaissa...FUcbQgodvHNBQA

I am a wood technologist and have spent more than a little time working with wood finishes in the lab and the real world. Oils will not add anything and may really much things up for you...