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Thread: Question about Airflo Ridge tropical line

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    No, as a general rule I don't overline rods (the exception was a TFO TiCr 8-wt that was so stiff I put a 9-wt line on it). I got the line as part of a purchase of a Nautilus FWX 7/8 (to put on a new BVK 8-wt rod), and the line was definitely an 8-wt. Maybe the phenomenon I'm feeling is because of the very light weight of the rod - it's only 3.2 ounces, about the weight of a traditional 5-wt. But then I put the Ridge line on my 9-wt, which is a Scott Heliply that weighs 4.5 ounces, and I still seemed to feel the resistance. Maybe it's my imagination at work.
    I use the same reel , but on a Sage XI3, 7wt, and it seems to pick up the line fine. I also have the Ridge line on a Scott HeliPly 9wt, and no problems picking up the line with that rod either. I am currently using the clear Ridge line on the 5wt XI3, and do not have any problems with it, but I will see how it does when the weather gets hot. May switch back to the SA Bonefish line, which I use for the salt.
    But now that I think about it, the Ridge lines DO seem to be a little heavier in the head section, but I sure like the way they cast!
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