I've been using the Airflo Ridge Tropical Bonefish/Tarpon line now for about a month, and I really like it; for me, it casts very well. Although it is advertised as "no tangles" I have had about three episodes of bad tangles (ones where I had to stop fishing and figure out how to undo the tangle), but I was not using a stripping basket at the time.

My question is this: it seems to me that the Ridge adheres to the water more firmly than other lines, so that picking up to recast requires a little more "umph" than I was used to. I have used S/A lines, Orvis, Teeny, and Rio before, and I don't think any of those lines required quite as much effort to clear the water after stripping in to recast. Is this just my imagination, or has anyone else had this experience? Or is it that the Ridge is just a bit larger and heavier in any given line weight?