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Thread: YESTERDAY - Neil - August 15, 2011

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    Default YESTERDAY - Neil - August 15, 2011


    Is there anyone out there that hasn't said, 'It's not like the good old days?' Unless you are just a youngster ? anyone under 40 is suspect ? you have a valid reason to utter those words since the times in which we live are nothing like the 'good old days.' However, some wag has been quoted as having said, "There's nothing like the good old days and there never was!" There is some truth in both statements.

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    I have been reading the comments about this trend and have not commented because I do so very little trout fishing anymore (I now prefer smallies). But I do have to agree with Neil on this subject. I would also like to point out that browns and rainbows are a little more adaptable than brookies. Brown trout are able to handle less oxygen and warmer waters and that is the reason they have become a popular species. I would also like to point out that Joe Brooks wrote in one of his books that brook trout "are on a constant suicidal mission". We are in an time period where most fishing is sport fishing so why should be limit ourselves to that one native species.

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