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Thread: SOMETIME STUFF - Readers Cast (Neil Travis) - August 15, 2011

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    Default SOMETIME STUFF - Readers Cast (Neil Travis) - August 15, 2011


    I know that you have some; in fact you probably have a lot of it. It's hidden in the back of your closet, stored in a box in the garage, but you have it. Since my late wife died in 2007 I have had to sift through lots of it and recently I was reminded again that our lives are filled with it.

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    Poigniant and well thought out. I've got a large box,stored in the basement, of bits and pieces of elk, deer and moose antler that I use to carve different small objects. Also a moose antler with a large trout I've been working on, but never quite finished, stored under the bench. A scroll saw. A band saw, sanders, and power carving tools, that stare at me every time I pass. I'll try to use your coucil as a springboard to get back to it. I sure don't need any more recliner time.
    They're just fish, right? Right?

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