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Thread: Best Steelhead Method/ Line, Leader and Tippet set- up

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    Default Best Steelhead Method/ Line, Leader and Tippet set- up

    I am curious to know what everyone's preferred line (brand and model), leader legnth and size (I.e., 4 x) that uses or would use with a 9 ft 7 wt for steelhead fishing in waters generally around 500 Cfs? Specifically during the fall and winter months at the Salmon River in Northern New York.

    I have heard multiple opinions of using floating, intermediate, and sinking line. To me a sinking line seems too much in this water condition. Wouldn't a floating line with a polyleader suffice if you wanted to get on the bottom? Also, what about a shooting line with shooting heads? Would this be appropriate at these water levels?

    I'm thinking on overloading my rod with an 8 wt wf floating line and nymPhing with a 7 ft 4x (depending on the nymph size). While shooting streamers and wetflies, I then plan on converting to a polyleader- again depending on the depth and speed of the water.

    Comments and suggestions are appreciated.


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