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    Several factors come into play on the grass flats. The color of the grass, the color of the fish you are after, the time of day coupled with the strength of the sun's rays where you are fishing, and more. Take a poll from the sight fishing guides around Oahau and you'll find a smattering of glass choice from vermillion, brown or copper to amber or yellow. Here's why. Bonefish have mirrored sides laced with stripes. The mirror reflects the grass or the bottom, the stripes break it up a bit and then you have the lighter colors of thier lips, belly, etc. In short since they are superb reflectors so first of all you need glasses that give contrast in spades. You also need glasses that eliminate the color blue reflected from the sky and everywhere on the salt. If you tend to fish early you need a lighter color high contrast yellow as light is low. Later in the day you might go to brown, darker amber, vermillion or copper to not only give contast and filter the blue but to also offset the brownish green of the sea grasses. I personally carry three pair, light yellow, fairly dark brown and a pair of gray/green lens where I use the green when the light's really strong and in deeper water. The chromed outer layer is good except on the yellow as it's strickly a light and reflections cutter. Here is a list of sunglass colors and what they do:
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