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Thread: Suggestions for a small fishin boat

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    Here are a few of my fishing boats. I wouldn't trade or sell them for anything.

    The orange one is my Advanced Elements Convertable Kayak (inflatable). It goes anywhere, and sets-up, and packs-down in minutes. It goes in the back of my car, in my bicycle trailer, or even on a bus or airliner. It is a fast as all but the most specialized racing kayaks, and tracks arrow-straight. It weights 47 pounds, and can hold 700 pounds of people and gear. It can be converted from a tandem to a solo touring yak in less than 2 minutes. It has both single, and double spray decks, spray skirts, or can be used without them (as pictured), like a canoe.

    The blue hardshell is my river-boat (rapids-runner). It is a Pelican International Pursuit 100, and is aptly named. It is quick, and so maneuverable that from full speed (it makes 5 knots easy), I can do a complete 180 spin in less than the length of the boat (10'). It is unsinkable, and I suspect, virtually indestructible. I've gone over 2-25' waterfalls in it (actually, it was the same waterfall, twice....I think I have learned how to avoid it, now...), and through Class V+ whitewater in it all the time. It weighs 24 pounds, and can hold 350 pounds of me, and gear.

    If you need a boat that will take abuse, be light and portable, and get you home alive, no matter might consider a good kayak. They give you the most bang for your bucks, believe me. I would get rid of all my cars before I would part with any of my 'yaks (or bicycles, for that matter....).
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