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Thread: DOG GONE - Ladyfisher - July 18, 2011

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    Default DOG GONE - Ladyfisher - July 18, 2011


    I don't know the actual numbers, but I'll bet the number of pick-up trucks in Livingston Montana has to be higher than nearly anywhere else, or at least it seems so. And, in the back usually is at least one dog. Sometimes more, but a person's worth in the west is figured on things which may not be the same where you live.

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    Amen!! Great article about taking care of our four legged kids. Just so you know, Ghillie has been vaccinated against rattlesnake bites, has been microchipped since he was 12 weeks old, and always rides in his crate. Since he is slow on the streamside manners, he has a great relationship with the ladies who operate our local kennel. He visits them when I attend Fish-Ins and Fly-Fishing Expos.

    Even though I have had some great cats (I recently had to put down my old girl after sharing my life with her for 18 years and 10 months), they aren't the same as a great dog. There's something about the unconditional love and loyalty you only get from a dog that makes them special and so very much worth taking good care of.

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    This comment struck a big cord: " unless you have a dog which is extremely well obedience trained, do not take it fishing with you. The dangers are just too great -"

    I recently did an interview with the CBC with regards to a recent grizzly attack in BC. It's thought that a big contributor to this particular bear's aggression was that it was harassed by the victims dogs. It's not uncommon for dogs to come upon a bear then, when the bear turns on the dog, the dog's instinct is to run back to the protection of it's owner...with an angry bear at it's heals. Just something else to think about when making a fishing / hiking buddy out of your dog.
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