I offered to post photos of the flies from this swap, then life seemed to get in the way. Thanks for your patience, Folks. At long last, here they are.

Nymph Tied by Rick Z
Hook: Size 10
Tail and Wings: Turkey Biots
Body: 6 Colors of Peacock Herl

Leech, also tied by Rick Z
Hook: 3262 Aberdeen
Bead: Small Black Brass
Body: Mohair furled tail.

Snipe and Yellow tied by IBRB
Hook: TFS 100 #16
Thread: Pearsall's Gossamer # 5
Body: Tying Thread
Wing/Hackle: Snipe

Easy Peasy Caddis Fly tied by Jack Hise
Hook: Mustad #14 3XL
Body: Med Brn Punch Yarn
Wing: Wing Foam by River Creations