Didn't mean to steer this thread in the direction it's gone. You should know that I don't know anything about building, financing, demographics, sustainability, and a myriad of other things that pertain to how things are done in our fair town. I'm repeating the perceptions of several people who I've talked with about the financial climate that prevails, and the difficulty of keeping a business going. Here's a little excerpt that explains what I'm trying to say here.
A phrase that comes up a lot nowadays is "Perception is Reality." Although this concept is wrong on a factual basis, it is reality in terms of living in today's society in which interacting and relating to others is a necessity for survival and success in today's world.
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In a perfect world, every entrepreneur who starts a business would flourish, and there would be plenty of money and resourses to sustain them. Would that it were so. Now, lets go fishin' and forget about it. Welcome to the board BuzzBomb. Now that I've drawn you out of your hiding place, let's hear some more about you. Where do you like to fish?