Congrats on the new boats guys!

I look back on over 35 years of fishing and kick myself for only discovering the joy fishing out of solo boats about 4 years ago. I spent years wading smallmouth rivers and fishing small lakes from the banks for LM bass and always frustrated by not being able to fish further out and not being able to cover every square yard of water I want. Now I float down a river and can pick apart every run, eddy, etc. at whim. I can float thru miles of water flowing thru private land that few can access. I can fish all day and not see another fisherman other than the handful of guys bank fishing at the access points. Whether its a solo canoe, yak, or pontoon, there is nothing like floating down a small stream with no jetskis and 200hp Nitros roaring around and casting at fish that only see a few fisherman a year.

As a bonus, even if the fish don't bite just paddling down a few miles of pretty water is tonic to the soul.

I can't wait for spring!

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