I have been with FAOL since October 1997, and I have always attempted to be a gentleman about my language on this site. When I was in the military, I always attempted to keep my temper in check, I do have a temper, and few times when I am in a rage, I would take a long walk....other times it is "Run for the Hills..Sergeant Mac is having a "Big Bad Mack Attack!" ~Parnelli
~ Steven McGarthwaite

Steven, you posted the above immediately following my post asking flyguy66 for an update of an earlier post of his; did this give offense to you?

In the course of reviewing the thread to discover why I may have ticked you off, I noted that I confused a "Joined" date as the "Sent" date; flyguy66's post was actually sent in November 2011, not August 2009, so my request for an update was needless. But surely that is not the source of your being apparently upset.

I approve of your method of dealing with anger. And since you mention your military identity, you may be interested that I am:

Cpl. Arnold, Paul F.
US55340292 U.S. Army, active duty 1953-1955