Ok, I actually read the article. Couldn't find that "slant", just the facts that are known at this time. Of course, as a self professed enviro-wacko, I probably read it with the inherent slant that I have developed after years of living with the environmental carnage left by the coal industry - hows that for slant! I personally don't begrudge the raptors the roll that they play in our natural environment, especially when there are hundreds of thousands of feral (and unsupervised pet) cats wreaking havoc with our native wildlife numbers. As an archery deer hunter(+ a grouse hunter) I get to see these magnificent raptors doing their thing, while sitting in my tree stand for looong hours. We don't have too many goshawks in my neck of the woods normally. We see more of them during the years when grouse numbers are low in their more normal northern habitat!