The lake I live on is pretty large and snakes are around a good bit and even out on the lake one can run into one. The lake has 1200 miles of shoreline and is in the middle of National Forrest. There are a couple of Mounntian Lions around, but they have such a large area they cover that we would not see them much at all. Now their tracks, yes when deer hunting or something like that you sure can see their tracks sometimes. I suppose some call them Cougars too, but the wildlife people call them lions. We also have a good many alligators with some pretty big ones too. Even a few wolfs around, well lots of critters in these woods.
Mostly though on the water you will see the snakes some and the alligators a good bit. Since I fish out of my boat all the time unless it's off my bank or bulkhead, I don't see any big cats and that takes getting out into the woods.