I took my dad out for breakfast this morning and we talked about fishing. Our plan is to get together in August after the snow melts and the water level drops a bit. For the last few years he's come up to my cabin in the Sierras and we've gone fishing. Just the two of us out on the stream. Sometimes we (with the rest of the family) take a day trip over the pass and fish on the Carson. The rest of the time we fish on the local creek or down on the Stanislaus River. We go out in the morning and then again in the late afternoon or early evening. My dad's in his 80's and you wouldn't know it from his ability to scramble around on the rocks determined to catch his next meal. Most of the time when we fish together I just sit back and watch. Needless to say each year we create memories. This morning was great. I didn't have to share him with anyone. Just like on the stream. It was a great way to celebrate my father and our love of fishing.