Last October I purchased an Advanced Elements Straightedge Kayak and was greatly disappointed. The Kayak is fantastic - I love it, but couldn't use it! Something about being 5'4" and 256 lbs -> there was just too much gut in the way to sit comfortably and paddle at the same time. I purchased a High Back seat and that helped but I realized as great a boat as it was I was the problem!

It was time to do something - my son told me about a web site called It's a calorie counting site that also has a good mobile app for iPhone or Android. I learned just what kind of garbage I was eating and changed eating habits. Down 40 lbs later I just took the kayak out again. WOW! what a difference. I will be fishing out of it next time Now I have joined a gym and plan to lose another 40 or more.

Somehow good health pays off (Gee, only 61 years to figure that out!), If your a bit over weight and want to enjoy the sport more I recommend looking into one of these calorie counting sites and pay attention to what that fast food does to you.