Lefty Kreh TiCr Series 9 foot 9wt 4 pc in like new shape
Lefty designed this series for performance. Fast, powerful and smooth, these rods will deliver a fly with distance and accuracy limited only by the angler's skills.
[IMG]file:///C:/Users/JESHUA%7E1/AppData/Local/Temp/msohtmlclip1/01/clip_image001.gif[/IMG]Our proprietary use of titanium and chromium dampens shock and helps protect the rod from errant flies. Hardware includes oversized super-hard titanium oxide stripper guides, premium grade cork, and matte black finished blanks with silver appointments and logos. The powerful 14 weight includes a cork fore grip. Each rod features unique color-coded (by rod weight) alignment dots. Fighting butts and full wells grips are optional on the 6 weight and standard on 7 weights and up. 4, 5, & 6 (lt) weight rods have 2 stripping guards and rods with fighting butts have 3 stripping guards.
[IMG]file:///C:/Users/JESHUA%7E1/AppData/Local/Temp/msohtmlclip1/01/clip_image002.gif[/IMG]"Honestly, the very first thing that came to mind as I cast my way through the 5 to the 14 weight TiCr rods was that I never knew a fly rod could be this good. I never dreamed it was possible. After 30 days of almost daily evaluation and fishing, my opinion stands. Lefty writes still another chapter for us all."
-Gary Taylor
Nautilus CCF 10 Reel and spare spool both with 30# backing spotless
Still the smoothest, toughest, and most consistent drag system on the market. The CCF series brought new technology into the big game fly fishing market by introducing a drag system that incorporated all the qualities of cork drags and added the unbeatable startup inertia of carbon fiber. Marrying Cork and Carbon Fiber (CCF), we were able to mitigate the negatives of both materials: The high startup inertia and high maintenance requirements of cork, and the heat build up of carbon fiber. We created the perfect braking system, and now have 6 just as perfect reels built around it!

Quad Tip-Four Piece Floating/Sinking Tip System. (9wt used but in great shape) The ultimate multi-situation system for fishing a wide variety of conditions. The full complement of tips and durable loop connections let anglers fish a variety of depths with one reel and one spool. Taper characteristics: Floating line formulated with AST. Tips attach with strong, stiff and reliable braided loop-to-loop connections for minimal hinging and smooth casting. Small diameter running line. Tip Lengths/sink rates: 15' AST-formulated floating tip. 15' Type I slow-slinking (2.0 ips). Still water clear tip. 15' Type III mod/fast-sinking (4.25 ips). Wet Tip 15' Type V extra-fast-sinking (6.5 ips). Wet Tip Core: Braided multifilament nylon. Single-strand nylon filament for clear tip. Coating: Main line and floating tip: Specially formulated 3M PVC integrated with patented AST-Advanced Shooting Technology. Sinking tips: Advanced 3M Mastery Series sinking-line coating technology. Color is green. Delivery is moderate and stiffness is low/moderate. Taper Characteristics: Wt. 6; Tip 0.5'; Front Taper 6.0'; Float Belly 20.0'; Rear Taper 5.0'; Running Line 50.0' and the Head Length is 40.0'. Wt. 7; Tip 0.5'; Front Taper 6.3'; Tip Belly 8.7'; Float Belly 21.5'; Rear Taper 5.5'; Running Line 48.0' and the Head Length is 42.0'. Wt. 8; Tip 0.5'; Front Taper 6.5'; Tip Belly 8.5'; Float Belly 23.0'; Rear Taper 6.0'; Running Line 46.0' and the Head Length is 44.0'. Wt.9; Tip 0.5'; Front Taper 6.8'; Tip Belly 8.2'; Float Belly 24.5'; Rear Taper 6.5'; Running Line 44.0' and the Head Length is 46.0'.

Details of second line that is still in the box never been used or spooled 9wt saltwater taper
Floating Specialty Taper
? Designed for multiple saltwater applications where a floating line is needed
? Low memory for a wide range of weather applications
? Excels at wade fishing in saltwater
? 9 weight lines with medium head to aide in distance casting
? Small diameter to deal with windy conditions
? Compound taper turns over big flies
? Running line optimized to float and reduces memory
? Braided multifilament core, low stiffness, moderate delivery
LL Bean malleable striping basket, leather spare spool case, backing on both spools and a handful of leaders included. If all bought separately would cost well over $1,125 plus tax and shipping. $600.00 firm and I will include shipping with tracking This will cost me about $40.00 to mail maybe more depending on the state you live in. If you are not totally serious please do not waste my time. No trades!!!! You will have to email me for pics if on FAOL. My name is engraved on both spools edge. No paypal, USPS MO only and if we make a deal you can send payment to
Rick Federation
12485 Stevens Creek Drive
Johns Creek, GA 30005