Nymphing: Strike Indicator or not?

I know some fly fishers who nymph prefer a High Stick method when nymphing and I suppose most Tenkara style do that as well (Question: Do Tenkara fly fishers ever use strike indicators?). I prefer to use a strike indicator when fishing most of the larger rivers out west. There are times when I am simply high sticking my nymphs. I use an 11 foot fly rod and it allows for a decent drift, but only when it is close to the drift boat or close to the shore or gravel bar where I am standing. I often think that I may as well be fishing with a Tenkara rod or simply high sticking my nymph through the water. But then there are the many times I end up casting a relatively long way with my nymphing rig, long by my nymphing standards, like 40 or 50+ feet. I do that to reach a certain seam in the water, or drift my nymphs along a ridge line under the water or to get next to a soft pocket of water or do a very long drift, like 100 feet or more, along a really great looking seam. That is when I know that I really need my strike indicator. I believe that by using a strike indicator I open up many more areas for fishing. Why limit myself to just the area around my feet?

Just an observation.

Larry ---sagefisher---