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Thread: RUBY MIDGE - FOTW - June 06,2011

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    Default RUBY MIDGE - FOTW - June 06,2011


    The Ruby is one of my favorite low-water midge patterns. It's a great search pattern in smaller pocket water and around boulder fields, where the current isn't so much that additional weight is needed. I like to fish it fairly tight-lined and actually pull it through and around boulders, along shelves and through the heads of smaller riffles and plunge pools.*

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    Thats a great fly to start a noobie fly tier on.
    I tie a very similar fly but with a white bead. I think it gives trout the idea of the red worm stage of the chronomyds and the white gills of the chronomyd emerger sort of a double whammy.

    Anyway it works amazingly well in small lakes for trout. I use a sinking line on small lakes, let it fall almost to the bottom. ( you have to time its fall toward the bottom ) then slowly bring it up about a foot or so in a slightly jerky motion letting it fall back down for about 6 inches or so then up another foot or so then another fall repeat this motion till it is finally near the surface. It simulates the upward travel of a cronnie in the water column. You often get a violent take as it finally nears the surface of the water.

    Nice tie by the way.

    Gnu Bee
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