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    Default June SOTM

    I think I'm up this month.

    The theme for June will be baitfish patterns. Any style or size as long as it represents some kind of baitfish, fresh or saltwater.

    Since there seems to be some confusion as to who all is still with us, please RSVP ASAP. Anyone I don't hear from within 1 week will loose their spot, and I will open it up to new tyers.

    Standard rules apply, return envelope, postage, and toe tags, etc... Try to have the flies here by June 30th.

    1. Gigmaster-Puglisi Bluegill-done
    2. sjo
    3. Rick Z-Cyperts Minnow-received
    4. ibrb-Wooley Sculpin-received
    5. bdesavage-Mallard Minnow-received
    6. billhouk-Thunder Creek Deer-Hair-received
    7. KilgoreTrout-Black-Nosed Dace Clouser-received
    8. ohiofly-WTF-received
    9. Icemanxxxv-Murdich Minnow-received
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