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    I just had to share this.

    I got this float from a good friend, I decided to get ready for some tubin' action so I purchased my waders, boots and all. A few weeks after that I found out I was going to be the proud father of twin boys (4 years ago) so I decided to return the waders and boots to Cabela's. I kept the tube but with baby twins I had no chance to go fishing as often as I wanted so I sold the tube to a fellow faoler. After a few years I hear back from him and he tells me he has upgraded to another tube, I asked him if he still had the one I sold him and to make the story short (kinda) we traded and I got my tube back.

    I got a pontoon and thought I didn't want a tube anymore so I sold it again. After about a month I talk to the person I sold it to and I asked him about the tube and he says he likes it but two days after that it ends up in my hands again.

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