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Thread: Eternal optimist

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    Of all the folks I've had the pleasure of knowing over the years, fly fishers just strike me as being for the most part so much more optimistic than 'normal' society. That is a good thing because it means most conversations are so much more uplifting and fun than the doom and gloom stuff we so often see on TV or in our newspapers.

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    Default Hope Springs Eternal

    Spring came to Minnesota a littler later this year. First we had to wait-out the spring floods that are now cause trouble in the South. We came close to a record snow fall this winter, which was good for our perennial flowers, but not good for the roads. Record potholes, and a very cold Spring Fishing Opener for Lake Fishing.

    I do not go fishing on weekends because of the crowds, instead I fish during the week when most are working or in school.

    Even when I am not fly fishing, I am doing other fly fishing activies.....waiting for the water temperatures get a little warmer before I consider inflating my WaterSkeeter.....for some fly fishing ~Parnelli

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    Flyfishermen are forever doing one of 3 things. Reminiscing about waters past....experiencing the water we are currently standing in optimistic of the the next rise....or tying flies with hopes of hitting water once more. Without optimism, all you have left is the reminiscing. Which folks get tired of hearing about after a while

    Love the observations!


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