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Thread: Rods for sale/trade: T&T Vector 7 & 10 wts, Redington DFR 6 wt

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    Default Rods for sale/trade: T&T Vector 7 & 10 wts, Redington DFR 6 wt

    I have three rods that I would like to trade or sell. All are three-piece rods. I can email pictures to anyone interested.

    1) Redington DFR 2000, 9 ft, 6wt, 3 pc. This is the special limited-edition rod with the Ari 't Hart machined aluminum reel seat. Comes with original rod sack and tube. Excellent condition. I can not find a scratch on it. The rod has a fast, but progressive action. Faster than a Sage RPL, but not as stiff as an XP. This rod has a very slim grip. TRADED.

    2) Thomas and Thomas Vector 9 ft, 10 wt, 3 pc. This rod is in excellent condition. If you look very closely, there is a very small scratch, about 1/8" long, on the butt section. Other that that, it is like new. Comes with original T&T tube and sock. This rod has a fast action, but is not overly stiff. Feels a little stiffer than a Sage RPL. Not as fast as a Sage xi2, but similar action. TRADED.

    3) Thomas and Thomas Vector 9 ft, 7 wt, 3 pc. This rod is in very good condition. There is a small scratch on the guide wraps for the second stripper guide and the cork is a little worn. Action is like the other Vector, fast but progressive. Comes with original T&T rod sock and an after-market aluminum tube. SOLD

    Looking for 5 or 6wt fly lines, reels for 4 - 6 wt rods, Sage, Winston or Scott 6 wt rods.

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